Seconize DeRisk Center
Seconize DeRisk Center

derisk: take steps to make (something) less risky or less likely to involve a financial loss.

Seconize DeRisk Center

Seconize DeRisk Center is a continuous risk assessment platform which evaluates the overall impact for an organization, resulting from its vulnerable digital assets.

It leverages patent pending “predictive risk intelligence” technology that uses advanced AI/ML algorithms and helps organization achieve an acceptable risk level, by prioritizing the appropriate remediation intelligently.


Cloud Delivered. Contextual

Seconize DeRisk Center is a Cloud delivered Software-as-Service (SaaS) product which is Simple, Secure and Intelligent. It is built grounds up to deliver  continuous and up-to-date risk assessments for ever evolving threat landscape !

It supports all types of IT Assets whether in Cloud or On-premise. It seamlessly contextualizes numerous Organizational facets to make risk analysis more personalized and provides top risks and their impact.

Seconize DeRisk Center  provides optimum Return-On-Investments (ROI) for your IT Security budgets as it is one stop product that provides holistic risk and compliance assessments.


Simplified. Stress FREE

Compliance Audits are no longer based on interviews, surveys, questionnaires and stressful.  Seconize DeRisk Center provides automated and simplified out-of-box reporting of Compliance Gap Analysis for popular industry standards and regulations like ISO 27001:2013, NIST, PCI-DSS, GDPR, RBI among others.

Ready for DeRisking ?

Proactive Organizations like yours that are embracing digitization are prone to considerable amount of Cyber Risks. To  know your risk posture and its impact